Coating Mug

The Coating mug mug is talking about then we will not be separated from the discussion coating wherein the coating means coating process outside of the mug which is required in the printing process mugs, below we’ll explain in a brief outline or coating importance on mugs and mug printing process that Judah in the coating

mug is not yet lined coating for heating the printing process through the machine will not be able to press the expected results because it would be futile where the image will not stick, because the coating fluid is a liquid that serves as an adhesive image

properties of liquid coatings is quite unique in the initial process of coating must be heated up to a temperature of about 300-500 degrees Celsius for 15 to 20 minutes in order to dry and coat the coating liquid in the mug perfect raw materials, this process must be done in a safe place and out of reach children because the said liquid coating liquid which is very dangerous and pungent smell that can disrupt breathing so it is advisable for colleagues who do this coating masks using enough so as not to interfere with breathing.

after mug of raw materials covered by subsequent coating liquid for image embedding process should be conducted with heating anyway, and this process is in need of prudent and to be impatient in the process of embedding the image in the mug and in this process pemasanasan temperature of about 300-330 degrees Celsius with less old over 2 minutes.

so briefly mug mug coating is coated by a liquid coating required for the printing process using a heating machine

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