50+ best ideas for Mug Designs

“50+ best ideas for Mug Designs”

Hai Guys ,

A lot of questions came to me about design examples suitable for mugs and they asked me to share some of the mugs we had produced to illustrate so they could be an example for their production. On this web www.mugmurahcoating.com we provide information clearly and openly.

We will give you more than 50+ best ideas for your mug design plan in the form of photo mugs that we have produced, but before I give link of picture we will share a little about how to make a suitable design in the media mug:

1. Size

The size that suits the design needs of the mug is the length of 20 cm x height 9 cm, this is the ideal size that should be made when you prepare a sheet in photoshop or corel or other applications, additional information for pixels can use 110 for the size of the file is not too large but the image When in store also does not break when printed

2. Lay Out

No less important is the lay out, desing will look nice or not very much depends on how we prepare the lay out at the beginning. For facial images try to be placed on the side of the left or right mugs do not in the front of the mug, because the face image will look convex. For writing for official event souvenirs can use time new roman or arial except for fun or unofficial events can use any important type letters can still be read.

3. over size or resize the image

When we will resize or over size – note the proportional size of the image. Do not let the image look convex or not symmetrical with the original image. You can use any of the menus / icons in photoshop or corel which will automatically set the image to be symmetrical with the original picture

Well after the friends get the above information then to get the design idea please click the web www.mugmurahcoating.com and headed to the home page, then my friends may take samples of our products as a material to create a design mug, thanks

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