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How to Begin Business Mug

“How to Begin Business Mug”

xcitement Morning friends, still the spirit to talk everything about Mug, I hope you All  still excited “yes” ,  but my suggest please not too serious , stay relaxed to make it easier to understand and clear, by the way  actually discuss about business mug made of ceramic is not too complicated because enough understand three things only friends can run this business.

What are the three things, we will try to convey in this article.

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back to three things to watch for business mug

1.An understanding of the type and coatingnya Mug
Type mugs and coatings must be understood first , before you  started this business, why? because the model variations mug will be an attraction to bring in customers and make your customers become loyal and understanding the material coating means you are already one step better informed about the print quality mug, because print quality mug one important factor is the quality of the coating.

For variety and types of mugs we’ve explained in the previous article is quite detailed, could please click here.

Regarding the quality of the coating to the first start once in layman’s no trick to determine whether the coating is good or not.

note whether there is molten fluid inside the mug or glass
try in touch at the outer surface or outer side of the mug if there are grains such as fine dust that sticks
note on the upper lip mug if there melt
note the lip on whether there is some sort of uneven boundary of liquid coatings
if there is such tetasan attached to the side or the outer surface
if there is such a fraction of used air bubbles on the outer surface of the mug
some of the above may be the initial tips before you look and inquire further quality mug crate coating materials come from and so on

2. Production and Handling problems

Understanding the production results in line with our understanding of the production process, for the production of printed mug is not too difficult, the tutorial can be viewed here


3. Cost of the basic process is finished or ceramic mugs

This point is important because it talked about how coffers that can be from this business. to discuss the cost or print mug basis then we must know in advance the important thing is the price of basic mug.

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Friends I hope this article helps you in getting overview to begin business mug, good luck